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Rigger boots are a particular type of safety boot. The name "rigger" comes from the fact that they were first originally used by the tradesmen of the same name, but are nowadays worn by most types of manual worker (e.g. builder) as a general purpose workboot. They are particularly popular in the United Kingdom. "Riggers", as they are commonly nicknamed, are usually tan in colour and go approximately third of the way up the leg and feature a steel toe cap for safety. Other distinguishing features of the boots include pull-on loops around the top of the boot's shaft and internal fur lining. The boots are sometimes made in other colours, most commonly black, where they can be worn as fashion items in the punk and heavy metal scenes. They have recently started to become popular with chavs recently as well. Rigger boots are made by popular brands such as Caterpillar, a lot of rigger boots are made unbranded or low profile brands. Whatever the brand most rigger boots feature the same specifications such as being fur lined and having a steel toe cap.
rigger boots are now illegal in the shafton
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